Go Luxury

We have all been there before. Wanting to try out the luxury beauty brands, but get a bit leery when you see the price tag associated with it. Let’s be honest, some of these products and their corresponding price tags are just down right disrespectful! Have no fear, the power shopper of the world is here!

There are a few things you should try first if you do not wish splurge on a luxury beauty brand.

1. Join Hair swap meetup groups. This is a great way to test out expensive products, you can either trade up or buy for huge discounts. Not to mention you are sure to meet some pretty cool people along the way and get rid of products that didn’t work too well for you. It’s a win-win.

2. Check out Ebay. You will be surprised as to the many beauty items you can BUY NOW or BID for on Ebay. You can get some pretty good deals there. Everything from skin care items to hair products to curlformers.

3. Check out Amazon and Overstock. Both are additional online resources for finding beauty brands at a discount. The additional benefit is that you don’t have to bid or wait for the listing to end.  Often times you can get free shipping.

4. Ask for and purchase samples directly from the company. I know the samples for some companies can be as much as $4 for an ounce which is cray-cray. This gives you the opportunity to try before you buy. Its better to spend $4 and say “dont believe the hype” than to spend $35+ to find out the same thing. Often times samples may be sent for free or for the cost of shipping only.

5. Signup for discounts and news letters. It’s always a good idea to signup to be on these companies mailing lists. You will notified of when sales happen and you may even get additional saving codes. Sometimes you will even be invited to subscription only sales. This gives you the advantage of knowing WHEN the best time to buy that product you have had your eye on.

6. Visit the outlet store. You can get discounts on beauty brand by visiting your nearest outlet. MAC makeup, Lancome and tons more are available for discount. Beware, there will be a varied selection so if you see something for a great price that you love, buy 2. There is no guarantee that your shade, fragrance, or product will be there the next time to visit the outlets.

7. Ask about discounts and specials. Many stores will give military, teacher, and student discounts amongst others. They tend to not advertise this much, but there is absolutely no harm is asking right?! Give it a go, and you may be surprised as to how much more you can save.

8. If all else fails: Save for it and get it when you can. I don’t suggest anyone break the bank on any luxury product, whether it’s the Clarisonic or a styler. If you plan and save in advance, you may feel better about your large purchase vice going out on an impulse buy mission. When used in conjunction with the other tips, you may save anyway!

I hope this was helpful as all these steps are taken by me when I want to buy something that I feel is  overpriced.

What tips do you have for buying luxury products?

Until Next Time,

Peace and Blessings

Luck of the Draw: Buying second-hand

When it comes to online second-hand buying, it’s always the luck of the draw. You don’t know these people nor do you know of their integrity or lack thereof. You don’t know if what is pictured is the actual item or if they will send the item at all.

I am a somewhat regular shopper of Ebay. I honestly believe it’s a great place to buy one of a kind items as well as great discounts on items that you really want but are a bit on the pricey side. Another great place to find great items when on a budget is Craigslist. They have everything from clothes and shoes to cars and furniture. You’d be surprised at what you might find there.

Most recently I now buy my Mary Kay products from Ebay (and Craigslist at times). Why? Because I actually like the products, but I CANNOT stand those pushy sale consultants. You know and have met them, the ones who call at least weekly requesting you ’round up a few girlfriends for a pampering session.’ The ones who tell you that you should be using all different types of makeup when you’re not really a makeup wearer to begin with. I digress.

A while ago I had a not so pleasant Ebay experience.  I ordered an item on Ebay (it was not Mary Kay). Actually I won the bid on it. The item won for $36 and I was very happy with that as the item usually sells for $64 +tax. The shipping was an additional $10; still not a  problem. The problem comes when after 2 days I didn’t receive a tracking number for the item as this is the standard practice for most items on Ebay. Me, being the effective communicator that I am, I emailed the seller asking for a ship out date. The response was quick, ‘tomorrow’. Well since then ‘tomorrow’ had come and gone at least 13 times. No exaggeration.

It actually boiled down to me having to open a case and be refunded by Ebay. The seller even told me that she didn’t send the item because she needed to use the money to go Christmas shopping and couldn’t afford to ship the item. Where they do that at?!

In closing, do your research when buying second-hand or on Ebay etc. You still can’t be 100% sure that you dealing with an upstanding business person, but there are things you can do to increase your chances of a pleasant experience.

1. Safety First: If you have to pick up the item or meet in person, meet in a public setting during the day. If you are purchasing phones or other electronics meet a store that will give you a sanity check of the product. You don’t want to inherit a problem from someone you can never find again.

2. Research: Make sure the seller has recent positive feedback. Ensure this feedback is real and not paid for. Look a little further than the green +.

3. Shop around: If something you are looking for usually sells for $100 used and someone else is selling it for $30, scrutinize the seller and product with extreme care.

4. Golden rule:  If you have to send money orders etc to Africa or somewhere, you are being scammed. Do not pass go, do not collect $200, log directly off your computer and say screw this ish!

Now you! What things did I forget to add to the list? What have you experienced with the second-hand buying systems out there?

The end of Born Organic




**Since this post, it has come to my attention that Born Organic is on a hiatus. They plan to have a grand reopening event Fall 2014. Those of you who have additional questions may contact the company via email at info@bornorganiconline.com **

I thought I had a friend, A real live winner. A while back I did a review for a hair product line known as Born Organic. They had a really great line of products. I fell in love immediately with the hydra-gel for Bella and the Moisture conditioner for my little Princess. The problem comes when I attempt to repurchase the conditioner for my DD and the website is no longer active. I can not find anything about them anywhere on the internet! wth is going on? I am beyond sadden that this company  fell off. I know that many people have been searching for them as well.

I suppose, all good things must come to an end, but why so fast??

Any how, looks like its back to the drawing board for the little lady. Aloe vera juice was high on the ingredients list so I will start there….

Moral of the story, if you find a winner, especially from a small business, STOCK UP!


Until Next Time,

Peace and Blessings

Are You Natural

Screen shot 2013-08-16 at 9.24.41 AM


Are you Natural? Sometimes it seems like you have to check a box with options. I recently had a discussion with a few friends about what it means to be natural. I was getting questions like “If I dye my hair am I still natural? Can I still be natural if I flat iron?” First off, noone should be telling you what it means to be natural. All naturals will not have the same standards. This is completely ok. The problem comes when those standards are forced upon another.

Another thing that doesnt determine your natural status is if you flat iron your hair or not. There is a difference between wearing your hair in its natural state and being natural. If I wear my hair flat ironed every day, I am still natural, I just choose to not wear it in its natural state. If I, as an individual, am ok with that, why should anyone else say differently?

With the attention natural hair has been getting over the past few years, it is quite easy to see that there are a few Natural Nazi’s out in the world who have the notion that they are to set rules for what constitutes being natural or not. NEWS FLASH: YOU DON’T!!

While I wont go any further into this, just know that how you choose to handle, care for, and style YOUR natural hair, is totally up to you. What one does or doesn’t is not a set-in-stone guideline for what all naturals must do. Enjoy your hair the way you want to!

Share your thoughts here. Bella and I would love to hear from you!

Until Next Time,

Peace and Blessings

Open Discussion: Is Natural Hair a Competition?


Hey, welcome to the biosphere!

I want to have a little chit-chat about ‘Natural Hair’ and ‘Competition.’ So the other day a Facebook ‘friend’ of mine posted a stat pretty much saying that we should all embrace our natural hair and not compete with one another regarding it. She then went on to say that the first thing that comes out of someone’s mouth is ‘how long have you been natural?’ Now, my take on this is that inquiring minds want to know, just for the sake of knowing. What made this very interesting was that only a few days prior to this post, the same person asked me when I big chopped and how long I transitioned prior to. I didn’t feel she was asking as a way of competing.

She seems to think the question revolves around people wanting to compare how big an afro is or how long the curls are after x amount of time. I do not agree with this notion. There are plenty of things to take into consideration when asking that question. Did the person transition, did they cut their hair again, etc. If a new natural runs across another who happens to have a full head, she is just admiring it and wondering roughly how long it will take for her own hair to achieve such coolness. It usually isn’t about “Oh, I’ve been natural for 11 months and she’s been natural 13, but my hair is longer, fuller, etc…” Where are people who actually sit around and do this? That is crazy. I ran across this video by Ambrosia Malbrough  who also believes that the question stems from competition.

Any-who, my “friend” got upset and is no longer speaking to me…… Do you see that? No? That is about how many f*cks I give.

Now, I want to hear from you. What do you think? Is natural hair becoming competitive? Share your thoughts please.

Until Next Time,

Peace and Blessings